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Purple-colored irrigation component

What's needed for retrofits

When retrofitting an irrigation system for use with recycled water, the main consideration is that the recycled-water source remains totally separate from any potable-water supply on the site. Cross connections are not allowed. Other considerations include:

  • The system must consist of parts suitable for use with recycled water. This may be the case if the system was constructed less than 15 years ago and has been well maintained.
  • The flow and pressure from the source of recycled water must be equal to or exceed the flow and pressure from the existing fresh-water system.
  • A test to verify the absence of cross connections must be performed, usually by the water district or the health department. The test includes an inspection to verify the absence of leaks and to ensure that sprinklers do not spray onto off-site areas. It also includes an inspection to verify that recycled water does not contact any part of the landscape involving potable water, such as drinking fountains.
  • The system's components must be easily recognizable as components that convey recycled water. This can be accomplished by painting the components purple or by affixing them with appropriate caps, tags, or labels.
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