Design or redesign a landscape

Estimate the water needs of landscape plants

Photo: Sprinkler at a golf course

Adjusting for field conditions

Regardless of the approach used, any initial plant adjustment factor (KL) needs to be modified, based on your subsequent observations of the plants in your landscape over the course of time.

If recycled water is used to irrigate a landscape, KL may need to be adjusted upward to avoid injury to plants as a result of excessive dissolved salt. Whether any adjustment is necessary depends on the salinity of the recycled water. Some recycled water is of high quality, posing little risk of injury to plants. Other recycled water contains potentially injurious levels of total dissolved salt and specific ions or elements. Before making any adjustments, submit a sample of your irrigation water to a qualified laboratory for assessment. After you receive the lab's report, compare the salinity of your water with the quality you anticipate will be needed for the various plant species in your landscape.

For additional information about the effects of salt on plants and about how to choose plants for use with recycled water, see other modules within this Guide.

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