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Evaluating the landscape's plants

Interpreting the results from salinity-related tests of plant tissue

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Aspect Measured Likelihood of a Salinity Problem Occurring*
Low High
Concentration of sodium in plant tissue 0.1 – 0.3% > 5%
Concentration of chloride in plant tissue 0.2 – 0.4% > 1%
Concentration of boron in plant tissue --- > 200 parts per million

* The actual likelihood of a problem occurring varies, depending on the tolerance of plants to salinity, and on the climate, and on the methods used to manage the soil and the irrigation water.

Adapted from Abiotic Disorders of Landscape Plants: A Diagnostic Guide, by Lawrence R. Costello, Edward J. Perry, Nelda P. Metheny, J. Michael Henry, and Pamela M. Geisel, 2003.

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